The Executive Team

The National Solicitors Alliance was founded by two solicitors, Brian Cunneen and Philip Ó Riada, and one barrister, Martin Canny. They have a diverse range of backgrounds and experience in the legal industry and are its dynamic executive team.

Martin Canny

Martin Canny


  • A barrister with over 14 years in practice working in Dublin and the Eastern Circuit.
  • He has a broad civil practice and works in diverse areas from commercial disputes, property and company law  to personal injuries.
  • Author of the legal textbook on the Limitation of Actions.
Brian Cunneen

Brian Cunneen


  • Founder and Managing Partner of O’Malley Cunneen & Mc Carthy Solicitors.
  • Over 20 years PQE, of which 13 years were with larger corporate firms, including O'Flynn Exhams Solicitors and A&L Goodbody.
  • Specialises in corporate litigation and in particular in employment law.
Philip ORiada

Philip Ó Riada


  • Founding partner of Ó Riada Solicitors with 35 years experience in a wide range of areas of legal practice.
  • Previously the Law Agent and still retained as an external solicitor consultant for one of Ireland’s leading public limited companies.
  • A founding director of Pieta House.

Head of Marketing

Pat Shaughnessy


The NSA marketing team is headed by Pat Shaughnessy, an award-winning, international marketing strategist. Pat has over 30 years of proven business acumen and battle-hardened marketing experience in helping SME’s maximise their growth potential.
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