Carter Anhold & Co., Solicitors

Carter Anhold & Co., Solicitors is a growing ambitious provincial law firm with offices in Sligo and Dublin.   Our core values are the principles of how we work with clients in providing clear, practical advice with a prompt and efficient service in a wide range of legal services.  Carter Anhold & Co., have a strong reputation for expertise in advising numerous areas of law and in particular Banking Law, Personal Injury Law, Employment Law, Data Protection, Trademark/Brand Protection, Property and Commercial Law, Defamation and Equestrian Law.

Donnacha T. Anhold

Practice Areas

  • Commercial Law
  • Employment Law
  • Family Law
  • Personal Injury Law
  • Probate Law
  • Property Law

Firm details



Carter Anhold & Co., Solicitors


No. 1 Wine Street, Sligo

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