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The firm of E.W. Warren & Son served the people of North Wexford and South Wicklow since 1903 and merged with O’Doherty & Associates in 1988 to form the firm of O’Doherty Warren & Associates (now O'Doherty Warren Solicitors).  The firm recognises the importance of the solicitor/client relationship and the cornerstone of this is trust, confidentiality and respect.  Many of our clients are fourth and fifth generation and the ethos of the practice is that true relationships are built on client care, the quality of work done, expertise in law and a service that is client focused.

In an age of specialisation the firm has ensured that each of its solicitors has an in-depth knowledge of general practice before embarking and concentrating on specific areas of law.  The reason for this is that in any given situation, many areas of law overlap.

The practice also values its reputation for independence and integrity. It is important that clients can trust the firm and the people they engage to act on their behalf.

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O'Doherty Warren & Associates


Melrose Charlotte Row Gorey Co Wexford

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